Three Camels and a Cow
October 25, 2008, 2:27 am
Filed under: Сценарии

– How much would Katya cost in Sudan?
– About three camels, I suppose.
– Only three camels do I cost?
– And a cow, maybe. Well, see, at least in the past a fat woman was worthier…
– What, what? How much would Katya cost?
– OK, about ten camels.
– And how much is that?
– A camel has the price of a car – this is something really expensive.
– How much money would it be?
– About ten thousand euro here.
– And what about Iva?
– Oooh! She would receive quite a good price. Especially if her hair was longer. I would suggest that you let it grow. We like white women with black hair. The contrast is nice. And in Sudan women have really long hair. So long.
– So, Iva, not only the Russians like you.
– Do glasses raise the price or lower it?
– Now, you don’t understand! Who would like a woman with glasses?!
– Do you buy a woman in order to marry her or could it be for some other purpose?
– No, no, something like lovers we don’t have at all. If a woman was found with a man, you know, she would never marry, she’d be an outcast. But what is allowed is to have another wife.
– Only one?
– Well, from two to four.
– Aren’t they jealous?
– Yes, but that’s sweet.
– And you say you drink no wine?
– No alcohol at all.
– Isn’t there any substitute for it, something like in the case of women?
– How do you mean?! We drink soft drinks only.
– But I’ve heard you smoke something like… uh… I forgot the name, but it is made of poppies.
– All right, yeah. But there is nothing bad in it.
– It is hallucinogen.
– Yeah.
– Are you sure you wouldn’t like some wine?


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How do you fit a camel in a fridge in three steps?
1. you open the door
2. you put the camel in
3. you close the door

How do you fit an elephant in a fridge in four steps?
1. you open the door
2. you take the camel out
3. you put the elephant in
4. you close the door

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