QM (обещано на Ани)
July 6, 2007, 11:43 am
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Hyphen:              Tell me how you gоt into all this.

Question Mark: It was not my fault, was it? They wanted me to sign some papers. And I did – I put my name at the bottom of each page. It was them that found it queer – question mark for a signature. So they made me sign with a cross. I’m not illiterate you know. Such a request upset me. All right, I’m not easily upset, but I really could not put a cross on those papers. Everybody can do that. So I put a star.

H.:                       Asterisk you mean.

Q.M.:                  Yeah.

H.:                       Why didn’t you simply write your initials down?

Q.M.:                  Would you think of such a thing when they ask you to put a cross?

H.:                       Not sure about that.

Q.M.:                  Besides I thought of my ex. Then I thought that all the x-es are y-s. Aren’t they?

H.:                       I think you’d like to be a star yourself. That must be the reason.

Q.M.:                  Wouldn’t it be wonderful? An asterisk is often like a real star – always high above…

H.:                       Not in a footnote, though.

Q.M.:                  Even then. First she appears in the text, a bit above the line, flying above the other punctuation marks, above the letters, above everything. And her reflection goes under the line of the page – as if in a lake or so.

H.:                       She must be very lonely…

Q.M.:                  Even if it is so, nobody else can divide a text.

H.:                       You’re also a bit taller than the others. And you can be a part of a title – no other punctuation mark could. I never saw an asterisk in such a position.

Q.M.:                  My grandfather sometimes played that part.

H.:                       What, being part of a title?

Q.M.:                  Yeah. An exclamation mark can have such a function, too. Besides, I have recently seen an asterisk just below a title. It impressed me a lot.

H.:                       Now, I really don’t understand. What aren’t you satisfied with? You can be part of a title, of a dialogue, of a monologue, of any part of any text…

Q.M.:                  Not any, I can’t appear in a juridical stuff for instance. Neither in a cookery book.

H.:                       Anyway. And you can have the company of every letter you’d like.

Q.M.:                  But not every punctuation mark.

H.:                       Hm, true. I haven’t seen you much with any of them. Sometimes with your grandfather; once or twice with the three dots. Sometimes you go out with me, although it might be considered out of date…

Q.M.:                  But you are like the three dots then. And I like you much, much more actually. You are very expressive.

H.:                       But you want another man, don’t you. You’re as transparent as water.

Q.M.:                  Like a TV screen.

H.:                       You can tell. Who’s he.

Q.M.:                  The full stop.

H.:                       You’re insane!

Q.M.:                  I am.

H.:                       You can’t stay next to him!

Q.M.:                  Impossibility strengthens the desire.

H.:                       What?!

Q.M.:                  And if, no, when I become a star – an asterisk, I mean – I may well stay next to him…

H.:                       Now, really, I’d more easily see you in the arms of the parentheses than with him. What would people say…

Q.M.:                  How do you mean?

H.:                       A question mark next to a full stop! It’s scandalous!

Q.M.:                  Why?

H.:                       Because… Because there is nothing common between you, is there?

Q.M.:                  We can communicate well. All the talks I’ve had with him enriched me a lot. It simply works. I don’t think there could ever be anybody else I can better talk with…

H.:                       What are you talking about? I mean what do the two of you discuss?

Q.M.:                  I don’t remember. It’s always from a distance, you know. The other day we were talking about the islands and the submarines, and the big bang. About everything… Oh, I terribly miss him.

H.:                       What do you like so much in him?

Q.M.:                  Everything. He’s perfect. So complete, so harmonious, so wise and good and useful. You may forget about his existence while reading his texts – so good is he in his work, so precise. He can express everything. And he puts an end to everything…

H.:                       I don’t think there’s anything special about him. A plane full stop.

Q.M.:                  Don’t be jealous.

H.:                       I’m not! Even if you manage to get closer to him, let us suppose you even marry him, what kind of children would you have?!

Q.M.:                  Don’t be mean!

H.:                       Why not, after all it’s how we all end up.

Q.M.:                  I can also be mean. We can have semicolons, for instance.

H.:                       Semicolons?!

Q.M.:                  Didn’t you know it was the sign for a question mark in medieval times?

H.:                       Look, I just remembered I had a very important appointment. But I think you have to think about the situation you are in. It is a sinking ship, if I can put it this way.

Q.M.:                  I just love him. He’s perfect. He has nothing to do with any ships.

H.:                       You’ve mentioned something about ships.

Q.M.:                  No! Submarines.

H.:                       Isn’t it the same? Sorry, I have to hurry. I have to fetch my girlfriend from the sauna, or something bad may happen…

Q.M.:                  It’s not the same. The submarine can go to the bottom of emotion. Of any emotion.

H.:                       Bye!


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